Key Publications and videos



Films and audio-visual documentation

-SNIS science policy communication training

- 2020 Online Lecture Series: Understanding World Heritage

   Interpretation and Presentation

   The lecture 'Minority-Inclusive World Heritage Interpretation' by Peter Bille Larsen

   was held on 12 November

- Responding to the Environmental Defender Crisis: the Geneva Roadmap

  film made with Mélanie Emonet Nielsen, Drumbeat, 2020

- Return to the Swallow cave / Trở lại Hang Én                              

  Film about the Arem and their customary relationship with the

  Phong Nha Ke Bang area in Vietnam)


- Enabling Human rights- based development for

   indigenous and tribal peoples:                                                                                                                                                                                   

   Learning from 25 years’ experience of ILO Convention No. 169

   (made together with Eduardo Saraiva Pereira)

- Environmental NGO Action: Boundaries, Challenges and Opportunities (PART 1),

   Roundtable debate organised by the Department of Anthropology,

   University of Lucerne, Swissaid Geneva and the Geneva Environmental Network,

-NGO Action: Boundaries, Challenges and Opportunities (PART 2)


-Sustainable Development and World Heritage:

  Exploring issues in Switzerland (with Melanie Nielsen, DrumBeat),


- Video interview about the Anthropology of Conservation NGOs book

-VISION TALKS : Peter Bille Larsen on Visibilising Rights and Voices in Engaged Heritage Work”, Bern 2021

- Understanding Rights Practices in the World Heritage     System


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