Peter Bille Larsen


Cracking sustainability challenges of our times require long-term critical research engagement recognizing the diversity and inequalities involved.


Informed by fieldwork in Latin America, Southeast Asia and the international policy level, my work explores the intersections and frontiers

of social equity and environmental sustainability.

About Me

Peter Bille Larsen works on conservation and social justice issues at both local and global levels. He combines academic research and teaching with hands-on field and policy engagement. He has extensive experience with Latin America, Asia, Africa and global level institutions.

Currently Senior Lecturer at The Environmental Governance and Territorial Development Institute (GEDT) and the Department of Sociology of the University of Geneva, emerging work addresses environmental civil society spaces, heritage, contemporary capitalism and transboundary conservation.

Recent books include Post-frontier resource governance (Palgrave, 2015), Derechos indígenas, gobernanza ambiental y recursos en la Amazonía peruana (IEP, 2017), The Anthropology of Conservation NGOs (Palgrave 2018), World Heritage and Human Rights (Routledge, 2018) and World Heritage and Sustainable Development (Routledge, 2018).


 2007- 2012

Ph.D. | EHESS & The Graduate Institute

Social Anthropology & Development Studies


D.E.A. | University of Geneva

Public Policy & Management


M.A. | University of Copenhagen

Social Anthropology

Ph.D. Anthropology & Development


Environmental Governance | Social Equity | Sustainability | 

Linking Policy and Practice | Analysis and Facilitation.


The Environmental Governance and Territorial Development Hub |  University of Geneva

Recent employment 

2018 till present

Senior Lecturer and associate researcher, The Environmental Governance and Territorial Development Institute and Department of Sociology, University of Geneva

2021 till present

Visiting Scholar, College of Humanities, EPFL


Senior Lecturer, Department of Social Anthropology, university of Zurich

2013- 2018, Senior Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, University of Luzern


2012 - 2013, Post Doc. Oxford Department of International Development. University of Oxford


2006 till present. Independent consultant.


+41 78 857 19 76



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